Where can I locate car fuel pump?

Definition of Fuel Pump
A fuel pump is a device that siphons the gas from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel tanks are usually tucked safely away in the back of the vehicle, away from the engine. Usually a carburetor that uses air vacuum is enough to draw fuel to the engine. However, a fuel pump does the job more efficiently and can help the carburetor perform its job better. Today, some cars have done away with the carburetor in favor of the fuel pump.
Fuel Pump Glossary
Before learning about the types of fuel pumps and how they work, it would be best for vehicle owners to learn the different technical terms associated with car engines and fuel pumps. The chart below summarizes some commonly-used terms:
Term: Carburetor
Description: A car engine part that mixes air and fuel to prepare it for the engine
Term: Fuel Injection System
Description: A system that directly sprays a carefully measured amount of fuel into the engine for combustion
Term: Internal Combustion Engine
Description: A type of engine that transforms chemical energy into kinetic energy through small, controlled explosions
Term: Camshaft
Description: An engine part that regulates the opening of the valves
Term: Check Valve
Description: A device that controls the flow of fluid in one direction
Term: Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
Description: A type of embedded system used to control an electric system; in the case of fuel pumps, this device turns the pump on and off
These are just some of the important terms vehicle owners should know when it comes to car engines and fuel pumps. Some manufacturers or experts may use slightly different terms, so it’s best to consult with them for any questions.
Finding the Fuel Pump
In order to find the fuel pump, the owner needs to know what type of fuel pump is installed in the vehicle. If it is a mechanical fuel pump, then it can be found on the side of the engine. If the vehicle has an electric fuel pump, then it is usually found inside the gas tank itself.
Removing an Electric Fuel Pump
People who are looking for their fuel pumps most likely need to replace it because of a malfunction. If car stalls or it won’t start and the tank definitely has gas, then it could be a problem with the fuel pump. It could be that the fuse has blown or the motor is overheating. If the car won’t start at all, then it’s most likely the former. It the car suddenly stops, but is able to run again after about 30 minutes, then it’s probably the pump overheating. The pump will have to be removed and fixed or replaced. For those who have the necessary equipment, removing an electric fuel pump can be done without the help of professionals. Follow the steps below to remove the fuel pump from the gas tank:
Drain the gas from the car or start with an empty tank. Raise the vehicle with a jack or a car lift until the gas tank can easily be accessed.
Remove the filler, wiring, and hose clamps. Use pliers or a wrench to remove the fuel line carefully. Use another jack or some sort of support to prop up the gas tank and remove the bolts and straps on the tank.
Remove any dirt on the fuel pump assembly, and then undo the pump assembly retainer. Remove any other nuts or bolts holding the pump to the tank. Remove any liquid that may still be inside the assembly.
Check the pump assembly for any damage or have a professional examine it to see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.
The internal combustion engine is an integral part of any gas-powered vehicle, and the fuel pump is just one of the parts added since its invention that has improved its function. The fuel pump is responsible for drawing fuel from the gas tank to the engine. This part is necessary because the tank is usually found very far away from the engine itself. There are two main types of fuel pumps, namely, the mechanical fuel pump and the electric fuel pump. The mechanical fuel pump is used in carbureted engines, while the electric fuel pump is used in engines that have fuel injection systems. Mechanical fuel pumps can be found near the engine, while electric fuel pumps are found inside the gas tank.