Learn and choose the best type of air filters for your car

Air filters play a very important role in car engine system and its smooth operation. After the filtration, the air gets mixed with the fuel for the engine to burn. In order to work normally, the air filters should be kept clean and replaced when it is needed. Since most of them are made from woven fabric and fiber, it is easy to get them cleaned. Regular cleaning is necessary.
Mainly there are 3 types of aftermarket filters available for cars, trucks and SUVs and here is a brief description of them.
Paper Filters: These types of air filters are the most in use because of their affordability. They are suitable for the smaller cars and in areas where dust and pollution is at minimum. Small dust particles present in the air get stuck in them during the filtration process and clean air is passed through to the engine. They are not reusable and have to be replaced after certain mileage.
Cleanable Filters: These are a bit expensive compared to the paper filters but their efficiency counterbalances their cost. These are cleanable and will reduce the replacement costs to a great extent. The big particles that get under the hood of the car are seized while the oil drenched filter catches the smaller particles. If you use these types of filters in your car then make sure you clean them frequently and keep them oiled to increase the efficiency and performance of the vehicle.
The Oil Bath Filters: They are the least efficient among all the types of air filters. Oil bath is used to capture and seize the big particles in the air that can cause damage to the engine if they reach it. If you install air intake in your car then the dust particles that get through the air intake filter will be eliminated by this oil filter.
Stock cars have a complex system of pipes attached to the air filters and the bends in those pipes reduce the flow of the air. Manufacturers do this to reduce the ambient sound but it greatly reduces the fuel efficiency of the engine and puts unnecessary load on your pocket. Aftermarket air filters have eliminated this problem and now you can choose a replacement filter for your car that suits your requirements and budget.
An air filter will prolong the life of the engine as harmful particles will be eliminated from the air. This is different than the air intake systems which separate the dust and other particles but cause the wear and tear of the engine. Some air filters have their mileage marked on them so you should replace them before time and should clean them every now and then. A horse with healthy lungs always does well in the race and it is true for your car too as you will not want it to cough on the road.