What is a good car tinting job?

Tinted windows are becoming increasingly popular among and they serve a number of purposes. You can always turn to professionals in an auto shop for the application of window tints. Meanwhile, tint your windows yourself can always be an option. Professional window tinting fixes everything but it can be expensive. With DIY window tint kits are readily available, plus the related knowledge, skill and patience, car owners can install their own window tint and cut the budget.
Don not hush into the specific steps, to begin with, we need to do some preparatory works. They play a very important role in the overall job.
Understand your options. Check your state’s laws to find out which of your car’s windows you may tint and whether you need certification to tint windows. Most states have specific regulations on tinted windows, and they vary from one state to another. Window tinting law exist as dark-tinted front windows make it difficult for law enforcement to identify hit-and-run drivers, or to establish eye contact with suspects during traffic stops. So to find out about car tinting regulations in your state, you can either contact a local car tint installer or do an online search.
Then it is the time for you to do a research and determine the type of window tint you want. You can follow the manufacturer’s directions for your window tint. However, since there is a variety of window film available nowadays, it may seem hard for you make a decision. Actually, it is more of a personal preference- whether you want a specific shade or you’re looking for a certain effect, such as metallic, reflective or maybe even mirrored. But first of all, you need to understand them then you can make a quick and proper choice.
Also, select a DIY kit from automotive stores, discount chain stores or online retailers. A good selection takes knowledge and planning. To be effective, you need to select the appropriate package for the vehicle to be tinted and make sure the tint complies with all local laws.
Besides the window tint and the solution it came with, you’ll need to prepare window cleaning solution, sponge, single-edged razor blade, utility knife, squeegee and lint-free cloth.
In addition, there are some useful pieces of advice or in other words, some tips you need to remember.
Start tinting from your car’s smallest flat windows first. This way it’ll be good for you to get used to working with window film.
Apply the film in a dust-free, well-lit, shaded place. It will greatly improve the efficiency.
Apply the tint when the air temperature is between 40 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 and 36.7 degrees Celsius).
Be careful not to crease the film.
Clean your fingertips and avoid getting fingerprints on the film.
Have a friend help you. Two people will make the application easier.
Last but not least, before apply a tint, clean the window thoroughly with glass cleaner and allow it to dry completely. Also, after the tint has been successfully installed, you should wait for it to cure, i.e. sufficiently seal against then window glass.