What can you benefit from your car tints?

As reported before by many health blogs and news sites, considerable sun damage is a real danger to commuters, especially when you are stuck in traffic jams and are confined in the seat facing the dazzling sun. This sun exposure poses a long term risk upon your health. Aside from the big skin cancer risk, we have a multitude of other conditions diagnosed, like hyperkeratosis, dermatoheliosis and so on. So tints are introduced on cars to account for this and they benefit people more than this.
When window tinting is applied to passenger vehicles, in practical terms, it refers to methods that prevent certain levels of light from passing through the safety glass — meaning the windshield, side windows, and rear window of a vehicle. This method entails the application of tinting film onto a window glass surface. A layer of clear polyester film makes up the bulk of tint film, with an extra thin layer made up of tinting agents like metals and dyes added to achieve the desired performance characteristics.
The reasons of car window tint installation depend on the personal preferences and needs pf car owners. But no matter what your reason is, car tints have many additional benefits that you even didn’t realize. These benefits make tint an all-round amazing and worthy idea.
Here I summarized a list of top seven reasons to get your car tinted:
1. Car tints add visual appeal to one’s car. They dress up the outside look of a car and take the average vehicle to another level of mystique and individuality.
2. Car tint makes our driving safer and comfortable. For those with sensitive eyes or others just concerned about glare from the sun, tinting can reduce glare from all sources of extreme light and let you drive more safely. It blocks the dazzling light from shining directly onto your face.
3. With blocking the outsiders’ eyesight, your car tint guarantees you an awesome privacy.
Many people do not want to be recognized and want to travel undetected. This is often the case with people who have high profile careers and are recognized easily. In addition, your belongings will also be harder to see through tinted windows and may discourage theft.
4. By blocking the sunrays, tinting helps extend the life of your interiors. The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight can cause sunburns and can fade and crack the seats and dashboards. This is especially the case for car in areas that have year round heat such as tropical zones.
5. Tinting makes the glass safer. It helps to keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact with an object or in the event of an accident.
6. Window tinting is a great option to help keep the temperature inside a car cooler. A car on a hot day can be rather uncomfortable. With tints, you can reduce the heat that transmits into your car, reducing your reliance on the air conditioner, thus increasing your fuel efficiency.
7. Tint helps you stay healthy. We have mentioned this benefit from the very beginning. Quality car tint blocks up to 99% of the harmful and damaging ultraviolent rays from the sun, so now you can drive around in the sun without wearing sunscreen on your arms or neck and have no worries about skin cancer, natural skin damage, or accelerated ageing.