Keep car clean in the freezing winter can make a difference

Looking at the title, possibly, you would doubt the reliability. Car cleaning is an all-year-round topic, whereas winter is a critical period since it is particularly hard for cars. Most snow contains road salts and contaminants which pose a threat to a car’s paint job and metal underbody. Keep reading and summarize your own way of winter car cleaning.
Basic Cleaning
One of the best ways to keep your car clean through the winter is to wash it frequently. Many people neglect to do this, knowing that it won’t be long before salt and road spray do away with the clean appearance, but keeping the amount of salt on the car to a minimum is important to prevent rust and other damage.
Underbody Cleaning
Salt and sludge tend to build up on a car’s underbody, where metallic components may not have the same kind of protection as the car’s painted body panels. Mufflers, gas tanks and even the frame of the car itself are especially susceptible to rust and may be costly to repair or replace. Always choose an underbody washing option at an automated car wash. If you’re washing the car yourself, spend extra time spraying beneath the car to wash away as much salt as possible.
Wax is a great way to protect a car from salt. The wax provides a temporary barrier from salt and debris. It’s a good idea to apply a coat of wax in the fall, before the roads are salted. However, you can also perform a mid-winter wax job. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications on your wax of choice to be sure you can use it at lower temperatures.
Interior Cleaning
While the most obvious damage that occurs during winter happens on the outside of a car, keeping the interior clean is also a good idea. Winter floor mats, which feature rubber trenches for capturing salt and melted snow, can help prevent carpet damage. Use a protectant cream or spray on upholstery to keep it soft and prevent damage from moisture.