Is it necessary for my car to equipped with a cabin air filter?

Car drivers and passengers rely on AC to give them comfortable air especially in the hot summer days. One simply turns on the AC and the desired temperature is around. However, when you do as what you would normally do, and wait for the magic to play, nothing changes no matter how you try. What’s wrong? It worked fine just a week ago, or did it?
Many air conditioning systems in cars that were built after the year 2000 have what is called a cabin air filter inside of them. The cabin air filter sits outside of the engine area and filters air that comes from the outside and in to the AC system. The air filter will get rid of a lot of pollutants getting in the cabin of the vehicle. But, imagine a filter on the outside and what else it can pick up when it drives down the road, mile after mile? Cabin air filters can easily get clogged.
A cabin air filter that hasn’t been changed recently can make the AC in the car not work or not work as efficiently. With a clogged air filter, no air can get in – it is simple as that. So when you recently tried to turn on the AC and it didn’t produce results, it might be an easy fix as to just switch out the filter.
Skipping the filter can be expensive if you don’t have the ability to do it yourself. However, it isn’t something you can go without doing, especially if you have discovered the AC doesn’t work. Check with your mechanic or dealer and see what the cost is for a filter. They might even be able to look at it and see if that is initially the problem or if there is something else, more sinister going on with the AC system.
The cabin air filter works to keep bad air out of the cabin when it comes in for the cooling process. The air molecules it can keep out include pollen, dirt from the road, pollutants from the air, road grime, dust, dirt, leaves and anything else flying around on the road. The air filter works just like a filter does on the furnace of the home or an air purifying system. Frequent changing of the filters is best and will keep everyone inside a little bit healthier. The cleaner the air, the better it is for those with allergies or even asthma and need to have clean air in order to feel good all of the time.