What you can do to improve car tire safety

The four tires on your vehicle are the only things supporting the whole body of your vehicle and tire safety is crucial to driving safety. How to ensure your tire safety? Tire safety is a complex subject because it is affected by so many different variables, yet, we can follow some instructions to improve it as best as we can. Maintain proper inflation pressure in your tires, you can achieve this by setting at the recommended level suggested by the vehicle manufacture. Avoid excessive tire spinning when your car is stuck in snow, mud or sand in case of sudden tire explosion caused by a free-spinning tire assembly. Check your tires for wear and damage at least monthly to inspect their general conditions. When it comes to repair, get a proper one. If the tire pressure monitoring system activates and the warning light is on, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for more information. Mounting tires should comply with certain procedures. It’s far more complex than it may seem. You’d better turn to someone specially trained and before the installation, consult the vehicle owner’s manual or a professional for replacement recommendations and instructions. When in use, check load limits and don’t overload your vehicle, because overloading places stress on tires which may lead to tire failure and malfunction of other components. Keep proper tire maintenance on following aspects-air pressure, rotation, alignment, and balancing. Check air pressure frequently to maintain a proper level. Having an appropriate tire balance and wheel alignment, combined with regular rotation to prevent uneven wear. There are no such expiration dates on all new tires. But when your expiration warning comes and you need to buy new tires, here are several notes you should bear in mind. First of all, don not buy used ones out of economy concerns. Second, make sure you’re getting a “fresh” one, in this case you can look for the manufacture date on the sidewall of the tire. Last but not least, choose the correct one, the same size and capabilities as the old one.