What is best for me if I accidentally break my car antenna?

As car antenna protrudes and stands on the surface of a car’s exterior, it tends to break or suffer damage often and easily. It is easy for a driver to forget to retract or remove their antennas before going through the carwash, and antennas are popular targets for vandals. Without the antenna, your radio may as well be turned off. With a damaged radio antenna, you’ll have trouble with your reception of FM radio.
Replacing car antenna has many benefits. Since a car radio antenna is quick and easy to replace, so taking the car to a dealer is a wasted cost. While you save money on labor cost, you can also make savings on parts. The freedom of shopping around for the lowest price or buying an antenna with a high performance rating is at your own hands. In addition, you can save time since you no longer need to drive to the shop, wait for an attendant and for the work to be carried out, and drive home or back to the office. Moreover, some says replacing himself make him feel more secured.
Of course, before the replacement, you need to buy the right antenna to get ready. Genuine manufacturer made parts are often more expensive than perfectly functional generic parts. Although many manufacturers warn against using such generic parts in the mechanical areas of the car, using a generic antenna will not cause an accident should it fail. Certainly, different people have different opinions and preferences. It is your choice in the selection as long as it fits in.
The replacement procedure is simple and easy to follow yet the process can vary depending on the car and its antenna. However, there are some basic steps you can refer to.
1.Go over the manufacturer’s installation instructions for your new antenna and gain access to the backside of the antenna from the car’s interior.
2.Remove your old antenna. In this step, you’ll need to loosen and remove two nuts that hold the antenna in place, then disconnect the signal and power wires.
3.Invert the removing procedure and place the new one in. after that, close any inner body paneling you removed to access the antenna.
At the very last, for your understanding, I’ll offer you some basics about car antenna. The antenna on your car is built to pick up the magnetic energy of the radio waves and send it to the car’s radio receiver, which in turn isolates and amplifies the radio waves you want to listen to. This principle works as well for the antenna.