Detailed instructions on car rear-view mirror replacement

Before replacement, you’ll need to buy a new one. If you want to shop online, look for one that attaches to the windshield in the same way as the original mirror. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of damaging the windshield by trying to attach a mirror inappropriately. If you want to purchase a rear-view mirror more up-to-date, you’d better talk to your mechanic or local car dealership for their advice in advance.
To ensure the replacement is done properly, you can purchase the rear-view mirror repair kit at your local parts store. The kit will contain the proper mixture of adhesive glue and an activator you’ll need in the installation process. Before the work, you are also required to some preparations. Understanding the different ways that car manufacturers attach rear-view mirrors to windshields. This will help you remove and replace a rear-view mirror without causing any damage. In addition, identify the style of your rear-view mirror, whether it is an adhesive one, or one with a screw-on base, or a pivot based mirror. For adhesive mirrors, try to find a day when the outdoor temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the glue to set up completely. The screw of screw-on mirror is very shallow. Don’t over tighten it, or the windshield may crack around the mirror. The pivot based mirror replacement must have the same base shape as the original mirror, or it will not attach.
Basically, there are nine steps are summarized that you can follow in this piece of work.
1. Disconnect any wiring that is connected to the rear-view mirror. Pull out tabs in the harness so that the connector can be separated from the harness.
2. Remove the rear-view mirror from its frame with a wrench undoing the screws. Then in the windshield, you’ll find a metal button.
3. Trace the spot and draw a circle around the location where the button is sitting with a crayon. Because it is the place where the rear-view mirror is attached and so is the place for reinstallation.
4. Scrape the metal button off the windshield with a putty knife or razor. This procedure should be done gently to ensure that the windshield will not get damaged. The button will fall off automatically when all the glue is scraped away.
5. Pour some rubbing alcohol or paint thinner onto a rag and wipe clean the windshield, especially the area where the rear-view mirror is positioned. If needed, scrape the windshield with a razor blade to dislodge stubborn adhesive. Also clean the metal button with alcohol, then wait for the cleaned areas to dry up.
6. Open the adhesive vial in the mirror replacement kit. Paint the fluid onto the button with the cotton swab soaked with it. Squeeze one drop of glue onto the button to mix the two liquids.
7. Place the glue side of the button onto the windshield and hold it for at least one two minutes to allow it to stick to the windshield. Wait for more than hour to ensure a proper bond created between the button and the glass.
8. Attach the rear-view mirror to the button by sliding its back onto it. this should only be done after the button is securely placed.
9. Secure the mirror by tightening the screws back onto the button. Any wires disconnected earlier should be attached also.