Black screen & white screen issues of car DVD player

At present time, as one of in-car entertainment systems, car DVD player is commonly seen. Since DVD player installation is convenient and performing the easy job oneself can save a lot of money, many car owners install the car DVD player themselves. However, due to their limited experience, there may be some problems followed. Among which, the black screen and white screen are the two common ones.
White Screen Problem means that the DVD player appears white screen when you start it or use some functions. If your DVD player has this problem, you may try following solution: 1) You first need to reset the DVD player, test whether its peripheral power supply voltage is normal and whether there is the problem of copper wire leakage. 2) If the machine still appears white screen, you may need to check that whether the peripheral receptacle terminal is falling off, and make sure that the plugs have been tightly inserted into the sockets. 3) If the fault is still not excluded, take apart the DVD player and try to re-plug the cable wires distributed between main-board and panel, as well as the wires between TFT panel and the display, making sure the wire are connected tightly. 4) After above steps, try to upgrade the software if the problem still exists. 5) White screen appears when you use some functions of the car DVD player, there may be something wrong with corresponding cable wires and modules. Then you have to make it repaired in an automotive store.
Black Screen Problem may appear in two different situations:
If it appears black screen when you start up the DVD Player: 1) Firstly, detect that whether the power supply voltage is normal and check that whether the wiring has a short circuit. 2) Take out SD or GPS Map cards installed into the SD slots and reset the DVD player, then start the player again and see if it is normal. 3) If the DVD player appears black screen after you reset it but is normal when you use other functions such as radio or DVD, check the cable wires between the display and the TFT panel is normal. 5) Disassemble the DVD player and re-plug the flat cable wires between the main board and the TFT panel.
If the car DVD player appears black screen during the use: 1) This may due to your wrong operations (opening too much functions, repeatedly click the touchscreen or press the keys when the DVD player response slowly), reset and close the DVD player, then try again. 2) Maybe there is something wrong with the peripheral equipment of the car DVD player. (For example, power supply is not stable; the DVD player is over loaded and so on. 3) The DVD player appears black screen when use certain function, there may be something wrong with the corresponding functional module.
If your car DVD player has black screen or white screen problems, you may first try above solutions.