My auto DVD player won’t cooperate, what’s wrong?

A DVD player in a car can have problems just as the DVD player in your home. But this also includes that the disc playing inside is vulnerable to every pothole or bump the car might encounter. In this article, we’ll put forward some typical common problems concerning car DVD players and the methods of correcting them.
The top two are the black screen and white screen problems. White screen problem refers to the white screen the DVD player displays when you start it or use some functions. If this happens, you may try the following ways to solve it. Generally speaking, reset the DVD player is undoubtedly you first option. Test its peripheral power supply voltage and copper wire for leakage. If the problem remains, you may need to check the peripheral receptacle terminal, and make sure that the plugs have been tightly inserted. If the fault is still not excluded, you can then try by taking apart the car DVD player and re-plugging the cable wires which runs from the main-board to panel and from TFT panel to the display. If the machine still appears white screen, try to upgrade the software. After all the above steps, if the problem still exists, then you have to turn to an automotive store. Black screen problem may appear in two different situations-at the startup or during the use. If it emerges during the startup, firstly, detect the power supply voltage and check the wiring to see if it has a short circuit. If the problem persists, take out SD or GPS Map cards installed into the SD slots and reset the DVD player, then start the player again to see if it is normal. If the DVD player appears black screen after you reset it but is normal when you use other functions such as radio or DVD, check the cable wires between the display and the TFT panel for any abnormalities. If the problem is still there, you can try the third move as in the white screen solutions. The second situation is the problem appears during the use. For this, we can also try by resetting and closing, checking the peripheral equipment, etc.
You may also encounter the following problems: disc is not recognized by DVD player or disc won’t play, DVD doesn’t play consistently in DVD player or disc skips (doesn’t play smoothly), DVD screen doesn’t come down, a warning message or blank screen instead of video is displayed, and the remote control doesn’t respond. If the disc is not recognized by your DVD player, check to see whether there is a firmware update for the DVD player, since some older DVD players in cars have problems with some of the newly added DVD features. If the disc won’t play, check the disc condition. For the second problem, make sure that subtitling is turned off in the DVD player’s settings and other settings, such as brightness and contrast, are at normal levels. It may also be caused by bumps or vibrations, because they can easily affect the disc. So try to drive smoothly while the disc is playing. If the DVD player has a drop-down screen that doesn’t work, check to see if the fuse has blown. You can also try turning off the car and then starting it again in case the battery wasn’t supplying enough power for the DVD player. For the fourth problem, it is due to the car DVD player’s safety function. It prevents watching videos or TV shows while driving. In order to permanently disable this function, you’ll need to connect BRAKE wire to the GDN (negative pole). For the last one, try a new battery and check the battery installation, if the control still gives no respond, check it with a digital camera. Turn on your cellphone camera and go to the camera mode. Then press the POWER button of the remote toward the camera lens of the cellphone. If you see a sharp white light, that means the remote is working but if not the remote must be faulty or need to replace the batteries.