Have you ever performed car radio antenna replacement?

Before replacing car radio antenna, check to see if the antenna can be repaired or replaced partly instead of the whole assemble. For instance, if the base of the antenna is undamaged and intact, you can simply replace the antenna shaft.
Finding an Antenna
The placement of antennas differs between different makes and models of cars, with aerials at various locations. Where the antenna is set on the front side fender, one will access it via the inner fender panel from the engine area or through the inner door frame. Where the antenna is set in the driver’s side pillar, the cable can be accessed through the kick panel (an interior panel that is situated in front of the door) to the left of the driver’s feet. Where the antenna sits towards the back of the car, access is through the trunk.
Replacing a Standard Car Radio Antenna
Use the information above to determine how and where to access the antenna.
Loosen the retaining nut on the bottom of the antenna mast using a wrench or needle-nose pliers before removing the mast.
Access the underside of the antenna’s location.
Pull out the coaxial cable. This is the cable that runs between the antenna and the inside of the car.
If the antenna is located far from the radio it may be plugged into an extension coaxial cable. Unplug this connection. If the distance between the radio and the antenna is shorter and there is no extension cable, simply unplug the cable from the antenna lead in the back of the radio.
Take out the old cable, but pay attention to the route it followed.
Before installing the new antenna, read the instructions included.
Clean the area where the new antenna will be installed.
Plug the new cable into the extension cable or into the antenna lead into the back of the radio. You may need an adapter if using a different antenna type. Adapters are available from car audio stores or from online sources.
Route the new antenna cable through the path of the old cable to the area where the mast will be installed.
Insert the new mast into the hole and screw it to the cable.
Return and tighten the retainer nut at the base of the mast.
Replace the panel that covers the mast mount area.
Car radio antennas are notoriously easily damaged and they may need to be replaced more than once during the lifetime of a car. While it is usually advisable to have a professional carry out repairs, one can replace one’s own car radio antenna. Carrying out repairs oneself will save money on labor and parts, and will save time and be more convenient. Plus, the risk of damage to the car or its wiring is reduced, and it is a simple process. eBay sellers list a wide range of car radio antennas and other audio accessories that will save shoppers both time and money.