Navigation system troubleshooting guidelines for DIYers

Nowadays, navigation system comes as factory equipment for many vehicles. It can also be an aftermarket system easily to be installed. To all electrical systems, there are some common problems. Many you can fix by yourself while a few demand professional repairs. However, you should know some basic knowledge if you want to rely on yourself. Knowing principles of the system’s working will help you a lot in finding the cause of the issue.
Common Navigation System Problems
1 Check that the power cable is actually connected to the system. In order for the system to turn on, the key must be in the ignition. Many times a blown fuse will also interrupt the power to the unit. Replace this fuse. The remote control may be out of batteries or the system’s battery may be dead. Any of the above should be checked if the system does not turn on.
2 Ensure that the system has been wired to the speakers if there is no voice or sound output from the system. The mute button may have been accidentally pushed. Ensure that the mute button is off and that the volume is turned up.
3 Wait if the touch screen is not responding. Many times the unit is running slowly and needs a little extra time in order to complete the given task. If the touchscreen still does not respond after some time, turn the system off and then restart. If the touchscreen still does not respond then contact the systems service department, as maintenance will probably be required.
4 Change the contrast or brightness settings if the screen is not bright enough or too dark. The remote control may have brightness and contrast settings. Color can also be adjusted by changing the chroma settings.
5 Check that the antenna is properly plugged into the system if there is no GPS reception. Many times the reception is related to the vehicles position, particularly when surrounded by tall buildings. Move the vehicle. If the reception does not change no matter where the car is, then contact the manufacturer.
6 Update the system at the next available opportunity if the system cannot pinpoint the current location. Some areas may not be covered in the loaded maps. New updates may provide information about these areas. If the map does not appear, change the scale until it fits on the monitor. If it does not appear, contact the manufacturer.
7 Make sure that the cell phone can work with the system if the Bluetooth is not working. Many times the Bluetooth simply is not connected. If it is hard to find the serial port for Bluetooth, check the manual or contact the manufacturer.