Specific instructions on an E30 BMW transmission removal

With the proper tools, you can spend about an hour in removing the transmission from your E30 BMW. It saves you both time and money. You don’t have to bring the car to a mechanic. For some tools like a transmission jack, if you don’t want to invest in such a professional tool, you can heck with an equipment rental company to see if you can rent one.
Things You’ll Need
2 jack safety stands
Socket wrench set
Transmission jack
Wood block
1. Use the jack to elevate the front of the BMW and stabilize the vehicle with the jack safety stands.
2. Pop open the hood and remove the negative and positive battery cables.
3. Locate the starter positioned between the transmission and engine and use the wrench to unbolt it.
4. Detach the drive shaft from the differential and then from the transmission. After removing the bolts, pull the drive shaft from the differential
5. Use the wrench to disengage the nut at the end of the speedometer cable and shift linkage located on the left side of the transmission. Set the bolts and nuts aside.
6. Turn the crankshaft pulley to expose all of the transmission-to-flywheel bolts. Remove the bolts with a socket wrench.
7. Locate the transmission bell housing and remove the bolts that attach it to the cylinder block.
8. Position the transmission jack beneath the transmission, and place the wood block between it and the transmission to help distribute the weight of the transmission for removal.
9. Locate the transmission’s cross-member that is attached to the frame and use the wrench to remove it.
10. Pull the transmission out slowly.