Having a clear idea as how to change the key battery in a Volkswagen

Replacing key batteries can be difficult, but a Volkswagon key battery is straightforward.
To open car doors from a distant place, most vehicle key fobs have a small button cell battery to power a sending unit. As key batteries will finally give away, it’s best to replace them if you begin getting closer to your vehicle to open the doors. Most time, key battery replacement needs a little technical knowledge, however, Volkswagon key battery replacement is rather simple.
Things You’ll Need
Small flat-head screwdriver
1. Hold the Volkswagon key fob using both hands. Put one hand on one end of the fob and the other hand on the other end then pull apart. The fob separates into two halves; one half has the key attached, the other half contains the key battery.
2. Place the half that has the key attached to one side. Use your fingers to pry the half containing the Volkswagon key battery apart. You may find it easier to use a very small flat-head screwdriver and insert in between the top and bottom halves, then gently twist it so it separates the two sections. One half contains the electronic unit and the other half contains the battery which you can see.
3. Remove the Volkswagon key battery from the battery compartment. It is clipped in place, so the best method is to insert a small screwdriver between the battery and the clips and then lift upward. When the battery lifts up remove it from the battery compartment using your fingers.
4. Put a replacement button cell battery into the battery compartment, making sure it is the same type. The flat side of the battery that has a “+” marked on it faces inward while the slightly raised side that is not marked faces toward you. Gently push it down using your fingers so it clips in place.
5. Put the half that contains the electronic unit onto the half that contains the battery. Line up the halves and use your fingers to press them together until you hear a click.
6. Insert the section that contains the key battery into the slot that contains the key. Push the two sections together using your fingers so they clip in place.