Getting Clues of How to Access the Spare Tire on a 2010 Ford F150

Enjoying an afternoon drive in your 2010 Ford F150, you suddenly hear the foreboding ‘fwump, fwump, fwump’ sound of a flat tire. This is not the time to realize that you have no idea how to get your spare tire off of the truck. Taking time to familiarize yourself with the different roadside emergency systems of your truck can shorten the time you spend stranded curbside. Accessing the spare tire on the 2010 F150 Regular Cab, Super Cab or Super Crew is relatively easy. The tire jack and spare tire tool locations vary between all three body styles.
Things You’ll Need: Spare tire tool set, Ignition key
1. Open the driver’s door on the truck. If you are working on a Super Cab or Crew Cab, open the rear door on the driver’s side. Move the driver’s seat completely forward on a the Regular Cab truck to expose the tire tool set mounted on a bracket. The tool set is on a bracket beneath the rear seat in the Super Cab. Raise both rear seat cushions in the Crew cab to expose the tire tool set plastic container.
2. Remove the Easy Fuel funnel from the tire tool area. Remove the two wing nuts located on the inboard side of the box. Pull the plastic tool container toward the driver’s side then out of the truck. On the Regular and Super Cab trucks, simply remove the wing nut that holds down the tire tools and jack, then remove the tools from the truck.
3. Insert the ignition key into the keyhole in the rear bumper of the truck. Turn the key to unlock the spare tire access cap, then remove the cap and ignition key and set them in the bed of the truck. Push the first jack handle through the tire iron, so that the non-hooked end goes through the provided square hole in the tire iron. Attach the remaining two jack handle tubes together by aligning the square ends to fit.
4. Insert the entire jack handle into the hole in the rear bumper, so that the jack handle engages the spare tire drop-down gear. Rotate the tire iron and jack handle counterclockwise until the spare tire is lowered to the ground. Lie beneath the rear of the truck and maneuver the wheel holder through the center hub of the wheel. Remove the spare tire from beneath the truck.
5. After removing the flat tire, set the tire so that the outer face of the wheel is facing the ground. Slide the bad tire beneath the truck, and insert the wheel holder through the center bore on the bad wheel. Pull upward on the tire lift cable, to make sure the tire holder is turned sideways and grabbing the wheel properly. Rotate the jack handle and tire iron clockwise, until the bad tire and wheel are raised to the bottom of the truck.
6. Remove the jack handle from the back of the truck, and install the protective cap. Lock the cap and remove the ignition key. Compress the tire jack with the tire iron, for easy storage. Install the tire tools back into the truck, and tighten the bracket wing nuts securely on the tire tools and jack. Set the plastic container in the compartment beneath the rear seat cushions, and push it toward the passenger side of the truck in the Crew Cab. Tighten the two wing nuts to secure the jack and the tire tools.
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