Which one should I choose, Allscanner VCX-PLUS Multi Scanner or Porsche PIWISⅡ?

When it comes to making a buying decision, many customers find it is hard since they are confused about the differences between Allscanner VCX-PLUS Multi Scanner and Porsche PIWISⅡ. After reading this article and based on your practical needs, I hope that you can get what you need.
Below we’ll describe the differences and similarities between these two products from 7 aspects- function, vehicle coverage, system available, computer, hardware, software and update.
Both Allscanner VCX-PLUS Multi Scanner and Porsche PIWISⅡ support basic diagnostic and Online Programming. And the Online Programming of these two will both cost 220usd per time. Additionally, VCX-PLUS supports 2005 Up Jaguar and Land Rover reprogramming while Porsche PiwisⅡsupports Bluetooth, GPS and Navigation Function, the applications of which need extra pay for authorization.
2.Vehicle Coverage
Porsche VCX-PLUS works on old and new Porsche cars up to MY 2013 whereas PIWIS Ⅱworks on Porsche models both old and new. Moreover, VCX-PLUS supports reprogramming for Jaguar 2005 & up, Land Rover 2005 & up.
3.System Available
Both PIWISⅡand VCX-PLUS can obtain access to the basic systems of a vehicle. They consist of Engine, transmission, air-conditioner, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, Original antitheft System, KEYLESS GO system and OBDII system.
If you want to use any one of these two products, the computer that the software works on should meet CF30 or CF31 type. Besides, the laptops used are different. The laptops of PIWIS Ⅱare send-hand Panasonic CF30 while of VCX-PLUS are Lenovo or Dell CF30.
As one of the Allscanner products, the hardware of Allscanner VCX-PLUS Multi Scanner is created by Allscanner. Porsche PiwisⅡapplies its initial edition.
The software of VCX-PLUS and PiwisⅡare the same newest V14.00 Porsche software, which means they apply the identical language availability- German, British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Dutch. They all come with the preinstalled software. However, VCX-PLUS scanner is also compatible with the latest V139 JLR software.
The update of PIWISⅡcan either via CD or HDD. It cannot be updated online and the first year is free. VCX-PLUS can be updated online and its online programing should be conducted via Hard disk.